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Hello Anala team,

I was a participant of the 29th May Manali trip and I am very happy to say that I had the most memorable trip of my life. All your activities and arrangements were wonderful and we had a very comfortable yet exciting trip. The food, the tent, the mentors everything was very well arranged. Because of your enthusiasm and guidance, I could climb the Brighu trek also very happily.

Looking forward to more trips with you all,

Anushka Divetia


Greetings from Yajurdev 's mother . My son just came back from an adventurous and fun trip from Dharamshala by Anala, I would like to thank Anala for the beautiful experience you provided to my son and I can see a lot of positive change in my son . Thanks to Anala For an awesome experience !

Prof.Jasmine Gohil
Architect | Urban Planner
Vistara Architects |
Professor & Vice Principal |
School of Architecture |
Anant National University | Sanskadham

Jasmine Gohil

Hey there,

I am Jayati Amrut Patel from Anand and writing this mail solely for thanking the whole Anala team for making my Dalhousie camp such a wonderful and memorable experience. This camp deserves to be the climax of my movie which I wish to name as ‘The Anala camps’ . This trip made me realise that there is a lot of potential hidden in me and this is the perfect time to discover them . The perfect location ,the perfect time and the perfect support from the whole group added to the beauty of this expedition. It seems as if our goal of connecting with nature and start maintaining harmony with it has been achieved with full dedication and enthusiasm.

All thanks to our teacher or in a better way our mentors, who inspired us with their guidance. I would also like to mention that my parents are also very satisfied and thankful to enhance my capabilities without hindering my safety .

At the end I would just like to inform that , Yes , Chandresh Sir ,you did it !!

Not only me but all the members of my family, my Mom ,my Pa ,Jay and me ,have planted two different types of species which belongs to the family mangifera(mango) and solanaceae(potato ) in our farm house .

Yes Sir , we all did it!!!

Hoping to join in many other wonderful camps..

Jayati Amrut Patel
(ex - Anandalayaite) 


Hello sir,

Anala has made me way more stronger and confident than how I was in my childhood. I was in a 5th grade when I did my first trekking with anala which was definitely Mt. abu. And I've ended up with the trek of Ladakh before I left the country. All the trainings I've got from anala is priceless. I've realized it very precisely when I shifted to US and started my independent life. Those small lessons of anala treks r playing deep roles in my progress in life. When I see recent pictures of current batches, I feel nostalgic. Thank you so much for giving me as well many other students very beautiful memories and lesson learning experiences.
Anala's Student always,

Nakshi Patel

Nakshi Patel

Hi..I am charmi maniar....I had joined anala outdoors for jayalgarh trip. It was my one of the most fabulous experience. It was so adventures and thrilling trip. My self confidence has increased too. Thank u if i will get chance surely i will participate in next trip.


Dear organiser,
Ritu enjoyed a lot in Manali. Even she is much impressed by the service and food. She salute the hardwork and dedication of volunteers. Anala Outdoors is in our mind for each and every adventurous trip. We will surely  apply for it next time.
Thank you

My Son Geet Purohit travelled first time Simla tour. He informed us in details about travelling , accommodation , food , taken good care by group leaders , tracking-exercises-activities , etc. We deeply appreciate your role .....

Thanking You,

Tanmay Purohit