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Our Team

Mr. Chandresh Lodhiya (Managing Director)

Mr. Chandresh Lodhiya joined the environment education movement as a 9th standard student participant and was instrumental in developing a hobby of trekking and birdwatching in to a sustainable business equation. Chandresh is one of the three promoters of ANALA OUTDOORS. After a short stint in Nigeria, he has returned to the movement and now is the Managing Director of ANALA OUTDOORS. His special interests are in the field of Herpetology, the scientific study of Reptiles & Amphibians and Ornithology, the scientific study of Birds.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce and a certificate in Ornithology. 

He has the privilege of being the first person to catch two snakes beyond their geographical range. Montane Trinket Snake from Mt. Abu in 2009 and Diard’s Worm Snake from Dalhousie in 2010. Both these snakes were recorded for the first time in Rajasthan & Himachal Pradesh respectively.

Mr. Imtiyaz Gafoorjiwala (Director)

Mr. Imtiyaz Gafoorjiwala also started camping activities as a high school student in 1984 and contributed significantly towards creating a financially viable business activity out of a leisure hobby. Imtiyaz is one of the three promoters of ANALA OUTDOORS and looks after all the spears of management including planning and operations as its Director. He is a commerce graduate with proficiency in managing Finance. 

Mr. Madhu Menon (Director)

Mr. Madhu Menon is an educator and communicator specialising in the fields of development and environment. He produces educational and motivational video programmes for a number of non-governmental agencies. He had worked with prestigious institutions like National Institute of Design (NID), Educational Electronic Media Research Centre (EMMRC) and Developmental & Educational Communication Unit of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). He is one of the three promoters and presently Director of ANALA OUTDOORS.  

Madhu has been recognized by the United Nations’ Universal Peace Federation as their Ambassador for Peace. He was recently awarded by CMS Vatavaran, New Delhi for his environmental concerns and endeavours at National Institute of Design. A PhD Scholar in Environment Communication, He holds a Masters degree in Developmental Communication, Post Graduate Programme in Environment & Ecology and Bachelors degree in Science. 

Mr. Arshad Khan (Resource Person)

Arshad Khan is a specialist in group games & adventure.  He has been associated with Anala since last ten years. His experience with "Play for Peace", an international organisation working with children has come handy for him for the enhancement of all our camping programmes. 

Mr. Darpan Pandya

Darpan is an enthusiastic Group leader and adventure seeker. He has been associated with Anala Outdoors as a young camper as a beginner and now takes responsibilities of handling logistics and  leading the groups to various destinations.

Mr. Jayesh Pandya (Manager)

Mr Jayesh Pandya has been taking care of the public relations of Anala Outdoors since last 15 years and his high level of tolerance and accommodative nature has made him the most sought after person in Anala Office. In fact majority of the mothers feel comfortable talking to him regarding their anxieties and worries about the camps. 

Mr. Nirav Amin (Coordinator – Camps & Tours)

Mr Nirav Amin has been coordinating Nature Camps of Anala Outdoors since last 20 years. He has a special interest in observing birds and animals and he utilizes his time in outdoors for improving his photographic skills. Nirav is available in the Anala Office for consultation and coordination. coo

Mr. Ashok Chawda

Ashokbhai is a magician by profession and a resource person in our Camps. He will be stationed at Pathankot during the entire camping period to coordinate the groups going to Manali.